Augmented reality startups Bear and SnapPress merged to create ARGO


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Bear GO

Create, organize and modify your augmented reality campaign online
with an easy and powerful tool

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bear GO

Know your clients usage in real-time

Adapt your workflow base on your audience behavior.

All your campaigns at once

Our optimized interface allows to apply bulk actions and access directly the information you need

Estimate your target's popularity in real time

Stats about number of scans and number of interactions are updated automatically.

Create your Augmented Reality scenarios with Bear user-friendly tools

Bear GO editor is intuitive and facilitate creation of complex scenarios.

Test, modify, repeat !

Preview your work in Bear GO editor and adapt your scenario in real time.

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Bear Lite

Discover, test and share your Augmented Reality creations.


bear GO


Benefit from a simple & clean interface and a powerful proprietary 3D engine.

Discover exclusive interactions

3D, gif, video, audio, social link, 3D animation, vCard and more !

Share augmented reality with your friends

Spread the word, don't be shy.

Retrieve past interactions

Keep track of all those great contents you saw.

Spot new campaigns

Stay in touch with Bear featured contenst.

Now it's your turn

Discover more about how you can use Bear to create immersive experiences for your business.

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