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Who are we ?

BEAR is the Connected paper solution that makes your printed works interactive, by displaying digital interactions after a reader's phone or tablet has recognized your pages.

With BEAR you can upload images of your poster, book, magazine, packaging or any other item and instantly link them with your digital contents, videos, 3D objects, music clips, web and social network links.

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Boost your Print content and gain market share

Maximize conversion rates from Print to Digital

Reach unparalleled knowledge of your Print audience

With BEAR, you finally connect Print and Digital !

A unique solution

Dedicated solution

BEAR is the only Connected paper solution that is dedicated to the Press and Publishing industries. BEAR performs automatic detection of your content and offers the most relevant interactions. BEAR instantly connects books with up to thousands of pages.

Performance-based pricing

Our whole business model is oriented towards your achievement. You only pay based on the success of your interactive campaigns, without any setup or page connection fee.


Whatever interactive experience is offered to the end user, you monitor Print usage at an unprecedented level of granularity. This should be a prerequisite for any upselling initiative.

Automatic Detection

Bears has developed an unique solution that allows to automatically augment your PDFs.You submit your PDFs and we automatically overlay buttons with link to your digital contents. Contact us for a demo.

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Try BEAR on some of our recent campaigns. Simply open each image below and scan them using the BEAR Lite app.

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